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2016-02-17, 17:04
Have you guys tried out google cardboard? ..now seriously 10 for this craziness? Can't believe how cool it is and content is now oall over YouTube a well. ..been to space and just went to Hong Kong and played a shoot em up. ..and went to the moon and did I just say I JUST WENT TO SPACE!!!! Seriously this is the best 10 quid I've spent in years. .my children will love this. .. I think this VR stuff could have future :-)

2016-02-17, 17:34
It's fun. The issue of about creating own VR content easily has recently been made more practical & affordable by device such as Ricoh Theta S, Nikon Keymission 360 or Kodak Sp360.

2016-02-17, 22:27
Thanks for reminding me. As a result I've just bought a version 1 cardboard for 9.99 from Amazon.

Can you supply any details about the space trip? I'd like to try it with my son. Thanks.

2016-02-18, 00:02
Look for titans of space which is a great app that takes you on a flight through the solar system visiting the planets and moons. .then it takes you out to the biggest stars to compare to ours and give you scale. ..really really fun and the kids (and I guarantee you! ) will love it!

Just one point. .I got a V2 but not sure what the main differences are but I can only speak of V2 quality.

The other content is on YouTube where it gives you the option to watch content on cardboard. ..this is down to what BPA says. .the new 360 cameras which are becoming much more affordable.


And did I mention it is 10!!! :-)