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2016-02-17, 03:07
Hello to all,

I am new member and soon owner of Logitech squeezebox Duet :)
I have a important question about communication between the duet and my future NAS synology DS215J : are they compatible ?? Can I install LMS on the NAS? I saw the LMS package didn't exist for this model of NAS.
If someone can help me, I'll really appreciate ;)
Thanks a lot.

2016-02-17, 06:48
LMS package exist for DS215J. Try beta-mode. Updates are available under:
[Test] Repo for LMS 7.9.0 on Synology DSM 5.*

2016-02-18, 01:59
Great !!
Thank you very much Mike, it is really kind :)

I will try this quickly :)