View Full Version : [Announce] Styling, radio, and ripping

2004-12-17, 09:31
Slim Devices is thrilled to report three major updates:

- Squeezebox has a bold new look: four metallic styles from which to
choose, each masterfully hand painted by a local artist. Classic black
"soft-touch" is still available, but the new styles are simply
breathtaking to see in person. New photos are on the web site:

- SlimServer 5.4 is now available. This release is all about radio and
RSS news. We've added support for WMA and Vorbis radio streaming, plus
a diverse selection of stations from several internet radio partners.
Our press release details the benefits of this major SlimServer update:

- CD ripping! Slim Devices can now handle the chore of loading in your
tunes from your CD collection. MP3, WMA, AAC, and pure lossless formats
including FLAC are available. Our ripping service is dead simple -
we'll take care of all the details. Your CDs will be returned along
with your whole library in compressed format on a DVD-ROM. More info

There is a lot of new information on the web site. Please take a moment
to check it out!

Best regards,

Sean Adams
CEO, Slim Devices