View Full Version : thumb drive/hard drive as library

2016-02-06, 22:02
Is there any way to play a library with the computer off?

My idea is, attach a thumb drive or hard drive to the usb port on my router. Could that then be a library?

If so, start playing it.

Then if the computer is shut off but the modem and computer left on, would the music keep playing?


PS: I know I can play music using the MySB.com connection with the computer off, but I'm still having connection issues with MySB.com.

2016-02-06, 23:53
No you need the LMS server running somewhere .

There are several treads on this forum on how to build a small server , for exactly this purpose

2016-02-07, 00:22
Thanks for your reply. I checked some threads. The build process is way beyond me, unfortunately.

So maybe I need to go back and figure out why MySB.com will sometimes just stop, and I need to press play again. This is after it has already repeated a playlist many times.

Or other times, it will start endlessly rebuffering. When it was rebuffering, I switched to TIDAL 256K, to avoid what was suggested as an inadequate buffer for CD bitrate. But it kept rebuffering. So could there be some router setting of mine to check?

2016-02-07, 01:00
It can be a lot of things , make a new tread ( or revive an old one ) about your connection problem .