View Full Version : What is SqueezeBox URL for SHOUTcast on Private Network?

2016-01-28, 18:26
I have a SqueezeBox Touch that I want to use to play a stream from a local SHOUTcast server so that I can stream the output from my turntable through my SqueezeBox.

I am so close to making this work. While I can open remote SHOUTcast streams from www.shoutcast.com using my SqueezeBox, I cannot figure out how to open the SHOUTcast stream running on the local server runing on my network. :-(

I got SHOUTcast running on my Windows 7 box today (Yay!)
I successfully have Winamp streaming to my SHOUTcast server (Yay!)
I am able to confirm that the firewall ports are all open on the SHOUTcast server box because I was able to browse to the stream with Chrome using the IP address of the SHOUTcast box using this address: and it opened and is playing in iTunes (Yay!)
Even though I can play the local stream on another computer using iTunes, I cannot open the same stream with my SqueezeBox. I think I have some minor setting screwed up on the SHOUTcast server side. (Boo!)

Here is what my sc_serv.conf has in it:


Here is what my listen.pls file has in it:


Here are some of the different URLs I have tried on my with no luck. My SqueezeBox will momentarily display "Getting Stream Info" and then show "Now Playing" with no sound. Something is definitely amiss. Can you help me?

2016-01-28, 22:00
Did you try, too? That's the one
you don't mention in the list.

Check the server.log file. It might tell you why exactly it fails to
play that stream.