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Neil Davidson
2004-08-03, 14:56
What can I say?

I am *very* impressed with the new product, even more so because of the
upgrade option for existing devices, I bet there are a lot of larger
companies that wouldn't have given this option. It also proves how flexible
the current hardware platform is.

Well done guys.

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Slim Devices is pleased to announce a major update to Squeezebox. We've
replaced our venerable 2-line text display with a beautiful new graphic

Shipping TODAY are three new products:

- Graphic Squeezebox (wireless) $279
- Graphic Squeezebox (wired) $199
- Graphic Display Upgrade Kit $69 (after rebate), free US shipping

The new Squeezebox display has 280 x 16 pixels, providing a stunning
interface appearance as well as advanced animation capabilities. Our
web site has just been updated with photos of the new interface.

A hardware upgrade kit is also available, which converts an original
2-line text Squeezebox into the new graphic Squeezebox. The upgrade kit
includes free shipping in the USA, with a $20 rebate if you choose to
return your original character display. Reseller pricing and
availability will be announced shortly. More information about the
upgrade kit is available here:


Along with this new hardware, we are pleased to announce two major
software releases:

* SlimServer V5.3 beta, featuring an enhanced user interface that takes
advantage of the new display. This release adds improved fonts, as well
as graphical elements in the user interface. Also included (for
developers) is a preview of our upcoming visualizer feature, which can
display high-speed audio visualization at up to 100 frames per second!

* SoftSqueeze version 1.0, by Richard Titmuss, adds support for the new
Squeezebox graphics capabilities and is included in the 5.3 beta
release. Please give it a try to see how the new display works.

We hope that all Squeezebox owners will consider the upgrade kit. We've
priced it as low as possible, because we want everyone to enjoy this
new functionality. Also, over the next few weeks, many new software
capabilities will be added to the graphic Squeezebox - what you see
today is just a starting point for this versatile display.

Thanks everyone,

Sean Adams
CEO, Slim Devices