View Full Version : Toslink or digital coax?

Ralph Edington
2004-12-17, 02:36
I'm currently using a Toslink to go from my computer to my stereo system,
about 15 feet, using a "$10" cable. Works awesome, I couldn't be happier.

I tried a long coax digital cable, but there was too much degradation over
that length, which kind of surprised me. Maybe a "$100" coax cable would
have solved the problem, but the Toslink seems much cleaner for longer runs,
even using a cheapo cable.

Hope that helps.


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Does anyone know useful points on which is better? Maybe they are for all
practical purposes, similar?

What about the value of a 10$ toslink cable
<http://www.monarchtechnology.com/item.aspx?sku=D60477IM> versus a $60 one?