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2016-01-18, 13:26
Hey hello,

yeah sorry a newby here. And i'm lost beyond words. But before i ask my question i'll quickly tell you who i am and why i'm here.

Well i was hooked to the audiophile world by a friend of mine.. and shortly after that i started to make my own player. (old pc mainbard. no movng parts al very basic and voila) and must say that even though i only got it connected to a logitech z10 set it sound extremely good. but.. i also want something more portable.

I bought myself a rpi and started to fiddle with it. basically i'm installing all (to me known) players like moode, volumio, rune, pi player and stuff and once my dac (audiophonics es9023 dac) arrives i will mount it on there. connect it to my z10 and let it play in for a while. after which i'll take all my sd cards with different os-en to my friends setup (way more audiophile than i will ever be able to get) and compare them. the os's my old player and his player. just to see what is good in what.

anyway. while browsing i bumbed (almost literally) into picoreplayer.. and got interested immediately, one beause it's small. but also because it runs completely from memory. Both two good starting points.
So i installed it... and great. it runs, it's connected to my network, got my z10 connected to the usb but now... (must say to the developers... wow guys, good job seriously! wow)

where do i point out where my music is (locally on sd or usb drive) and how do i handle stuff like playlists.

do wanna point out that it really never heard of squeezebox before i found picoreplayer. anyway i installed the squeezebox app on my phone.. but i need to add the player.. and i really don't have a clue where to begin.
so if any of you veterans is willing to help me.. maybe via private msg? just so we don't clutter it here with my stupid questions. anyway i would really appreciate it!

Kind greatings


Man in a van
2016-01-18, 13:44
ello,ello,ello Spikey.

do you ave LogitechMediaServer installed anywheres?


2016-01-18, 14:17
no i haven't

guess i'll have to start with that then.. but i would like to keep my music files lokal (drive with the rpi itself)

does it excist for linux?

kind greats.

ps: isn't there a tutorial somewhere?

2016-01-18, 14:22
no i haven't

guess i'll have to start with that then.. but i would like to keep my music files lokal (drive with the rpi itself)

does it excist for linux?

kind greats.

ps: isn't there a tutorial somewhere?

Using Max2Play http://www.max2play.com is probably you're best bet to start with, this can run the LMS and a player (squeezelite) on a Pi

What Linux distro do you use/have most experience of ? I use CentOS 7 myself but can run on most linuxes. To start with there are dedicated distros (Vortexbox) again a bit easier untill you get the hang of it.


2016-01-18, 14:55
hey Jeff,

well thanks for a quick respons.. but i think i'm kinda getting on the wrong path here.
I interpreted picoreplayer as a player but it is not intended like tat at all. you need at least your derver envirnment added and acordng to the m2p video i watched mch more.
this gives me all kinda options i don't need and makes the one and only basic option i want lot more complex.

now i don't mind figuring something more 'complex' out. not at all. but the idea it to keep the pi int the as much as possible audiophile range. the more complex the calculations will get for the processor the lesser the sound quality.
so this is going the 'wrong' way for me instead ot the right way.

in wich case i feel like sticking with rune will be a much better option. at least for now.

as all i need is a player that can pick data files locally, store them in it's memory and play it from there. with controle over the network. but just controle. not streaming over the network.

please correct me if you believ me to be wrong.

kind greatings


2016-01-18, 15:00
Hi Matthieu,

I think you are right if you just want a music player to play from a local source Rune is probably your best solution.

The LMS system and the clients is more for multiple players playing streams from a central source.


2016-01-18, 15:05

beware this is a complete other thing :o

Picoreplayer is a (sorry mates) stupid peace of Software that doesnt know nothing (except some stuff) so its easy to handle all knowledge into his RAM.

A lms Server (doesnt matter if its from scratch or 2 max2player Version) is a big piece of Software that handles mostly everything for storing, streaming your musicfiles.

It needs RAM and all your library infos must ne stored (somewhere) so its not running on a Pi in RAM.

If your mediafiles arent tagged (artist/genre/album) and you didnt want to spend time to tag them - lms isnt the piece of Software that you want.

Some of the max2play guys have some youtube lookhowto to get an idea - at least "squeezeplug" you should view (beware its an older Version) dont know if max2play has videos somewhere.

If you would look @ my infos (to the left) here are some guys that uses lms former slimserver a looooong time so its a very very nice piece of mediastorage thinngy and it has lots and lots of stuff you may want (or not)

Last but not least - the concept of lms is: "We do just handle mediafiles" no tagging no changing for mediafiles - you need another software to rip and tag.

If my words didnt blow your mind - welcome here.

2016-01-19, 12:55
To start you off I'd recommend the following

Picoreplayer for the reasons you have identified - it's a smart piece of development
Install LMS onto a Windows PC just to suss out how it works then decide what is the best server solution for you longer term

Server options are
Rasp Pi with USB drive
Rasp Pi with SMB or NFS of a network share
Windows PC
Linux PC
Vortex box
Various NAS devices
Others plug PC devices

2016-01-19, 13:17
we also have a wiki http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.php/Main_Page with some newb guides etc . And guide to ripping and tagging

I have used the LMS server on windows PC ,LInux PC and 2 different linux mini servers . But just try it on your PC or Mac to test it .

In short the server can run on most computers , players are plentyfull and these PI based things are good for a new player . There are a lot of good aps for your tablet or phone to control players with .
And the server has an web-UI for acess by any of your computers on the same network .

Advice . Keep the file tags well maintaned it improves the whole experience , use FLAC files they are well supported .

Rip CD's with dBpower amp or any other accurate-rip enabled program like EAC etc .

The idea with this ecosystem is best expressed if you dont want the server and hardrives in the same room as the player , but hidden away somewhere and just a small player at the stereo or what you have .

You do like to collect a lot of music files .High quality lossles files are well suported .

You keep the files in reasonable order . Advanced tagging schemes are better supported than in any other system

Multiroom and synced playback really works . Having more than one player is really fun, one in each room

You can add spotify Tidal deezer etc as icing on the cake .

2016-01-19, 14:05

He thought piCoreplayer was a standalone media player.

He only wants to play local media from a USB stick/disk


2016-01-20, 04:50

He thought piCoreplayer was a standalone media player.

He only wants to play local media from a USB stick/disk


Sometimes appetite comes with eating. ;)

2016-01-20, 05:41
True, True !

2016-12-22, 16:58
Sorry to resurrect an old thread

I guess I came to the same conclusion as the OP when looking at the documentation that a picoreplayer LMS service should be able to play media held on local storage. I realize that the LMS won't be able to write to the boot media because its write protected but theres no reason that the device holding the media shouldn't be able to hold the index and play lists.

Then again, perhaps I've got hold of the wrong end of the stick.

I like picoreplayer because the boot device is rarely written to; I almost never have to deal with corrupt media. My guess is max2play should be installed on a USB stick or HDD with the boot config file on the SD card modified to boot the USB image.


Merry Christmas

2016-12-22, 20:30
The latest version of piCorePlayer can optionally install LMS as a server on the RPi. Attach a powered USB drive for media storage. That's all you need. Of course, unless your RPi has a display you'll also need it to be on your network so you can control it remotely. Use the RPi analog or HDMI output or add a SPDIF or DAC HAT board.