View Full Version : a great thanks to Slim Devices

Ben Coombs
2004-12-16, 17:13

This is just a quick note to say thanks to all who developed such a
brilliant product.

The highlight of my week has been to, for the first time, access my
49gb of music remotely from my PC at work, via slim server and soft
squeeze. It is so, so cool.

I work for a web development team at major media company in the UK,
the comments I've got while demoing this are, among other things
"what? that's not right, I don't understand!", "you should charge for
this service." and "How did you have time to set something like this
up." When I explain it's free software they are completely amazed.

I've bought two squeeze boxes and convinced one of my friends and my
parents to buy one too. What hit me today is that i if i went to their
house, i could reconfigure their squeeze box to remotely connect to my
server. That blew my mind, the ability to play my music where ever
there's a broadband connection is jumping to a different level.

Anyway, thanks to all who've contributed to this.