View Full Version : SB alternative (access to local files)

2016-01-13, 00:56
I was looking at the various SB alternatives, specifically Yamaha's MusicCast and Sonos. I am confused how these other systems access local music? With SB, when I use my touch or the Radio it connects with my computer (running LMS) and accesses the Flac file for playback. What type of server does Sonos or MusicCast use, is it all DNLA? Thanks Bob

2016-01-13, 02:18
Sonos is DLNA but not sure about Musicast.
DLNA is sh*t compared to LMS and there is no control app that comes anywhere near the likes of iPeng.
SBs were and still are ahead of all the competition.
That said LMS will announce itself as a DLNA server if required.
A rasp Pi 2 with Max2Play and either a USB disk or a NAS makes a great LMS server.

2016-01-14, 06:21
ok thanks