View Full Version : Tangerine Dream Ship Date?

Thomas B. Malsbury
2004-12-16, 14:00
I have talked a friend into buying her husband, also a good friend a
Squeezebox for the holidays. The only problem is that she wants to get
him a tangerine dream one. She placed her order yesterday and was told
that they are currently out of stock, and would ship after xmas. She is
okay for with that, but this is going to be a combo xmas and birthday
gift and was hoping to have it by 12/30 for his birthday. I'll also be
down visiting them that weekend and was hoping to help him get it set
up. Is there any chance that they will ship the week between xmas and
New Years? If they won't be shipping until after New Years, could I
nicely ask, as a fairly regular list participant, is it possible that
there is one tangerine unit floating around the SlimDevices office that
be sent out to good home?

Thanks again for a great product,

Tom Malsbury
6 Slimp3's and counting....they're addicting.
slim (AT) malsbury (DOT) net