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2004-12-16, 13:22
You are obviously entitled to your opinion, but if you feel so strongly that
there needs to be a video solution from Slim then maybe you should email
Sean Adams or Dean Blackletter directly and take such a discussion offline.

I think you are also being a tad bit Na´ve about how easy it will be for
users to store and stream DVD quality video on a home LAN. Look at the
problems folks have with streaming FLAC without having dropouts and hiccups
and the like. Certainly a polished, mature and useable video streaming
product would have to offer an easy way for the user to store the video to
hard disk (which runs into all sorts of copyright protection issues) as well
as a very large memory buffer so that the video did not stutter everytime
they have a network glitch.

This is not easy (or cheap) stuff, and Slim might not have the capability or
resources to get engaged with development like this right now, on the other
hand they might already be trialing a VOD solution behind closed doors.

But in any event I don't think they are going to announce an actual product
anytime soon or tell you whether or not they are working on something that
might or might not ever see the light of day as a purchaseable product.

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And how do you suppose that Slim will know there is a "huge demand outside
this list" unless someone beats them to the punch and does it first only to
completely cut them out.

It's better to be first than best. I wouldnt say it is a niche market at
all. Lots of people out there buy dvd's and would like to protect them in
the closet yet have access to them all around the house.

Sure slim would have to incur some risk to be first, but the potential
reward is too great for them to sit around and let someone else beat them to
it. Solutions are emerging and if slim plans on playing in that arena, a
"me too" product will not have near the impact and the buzz that the first
will get.

Just my thoughts.

Jason wrote:
> Remember that Slim makes zero dollars on their software solution, so
> the only way it makes sense for them to build a video solution is if
> there is a large demand (more than the users represented on this list)
> for a video solution, and if they can build one that is affordable
> enough to compete with the cheap modded X-boxes, etc, that are out on the
> Personally I suspect that this is a tiny niche market (much more so
> than streaming audio players) and they can't justify the development
> of something like this right now.
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>> The current hardware is definately not capable, so there is no
>>software solution.
> Whilst the hardware is not capable I seem to there is a plugin that
> turns a Squeezebox into a video player but it needs some other
> transmission method to take the video to the TV
> http://videobox.sourceforge.net/
> Personally I think a video capable device would sit alongside my
> squeezebox rather than replace it. I don't want to have to turn the
> TV on to browse my music collection. If I do start collecting video
> on my server the likely TV client is a modified XBox running XBoxMedia
> Centre. Cheap and powerful (if a little noisy).
> Otherwise the Haupage MVP is dirt cheap.