View Full Version : Cannot syncronize internet radio

2016-01-05, 05:10
I have been using Squeezebox for many years, and would normally consider the system to be close to foolproof.

However, all of a sudden I cannot syncronize my internet radio between my devices???

I can play internet radio on each individual device, but now when I ask it to syncronize my devices to play one internet radio I get an error message saying that the device cannot get access to the radio.

FYI: the admin settings have NOT been altered !!!

Has anyone experienced this sudden problem and if so did you find a solution?



2016-01-05, 06:48
Ist this about a certain station or doesn't synchronizing work at all?

2016-01-05, 08:02
Works fine for me. Are you connecting players to MySB.com or LMS? What is stream format when it won't Sync? Might be format incompatibility with older players.

What players and which station?