View Full Version : Not sure is this is where I do functionality request

Michael Sigalos
2004-12-16, 12:18

As kdf mentions, the use of shortcuts (or links or mounts) is what is
required. I store music in several locations too and this works very well
for me. However, you must avoid circular links (having the
drives/directories point to each other) or you will create a scanning mess.
I avoid accidental circular shortcuts by pointing SlimServer to a "Music"
directory containing no music, just shortcuts to the storage locations.

I assume you are running Windows. If not, the concept still should apply
but you will have to modify it accordingly for your O/S.


>> Quoting Emile_Weekes at dell.com:
>> Ok. I'm convinced, I leave the server on. How about my second
> the second can be solved by using windows shortcuts, linux symbolic
> links or bind mounts. I think there is a filed request for user
> password and/or multiple library support, but I can't seem to get
> into bugs.slimdevices.com at the moment to confirm. If there isn't a
> multiple library request and you really cannot tolerate teh shortcuts,
> feel free to file a request.
> -kdf