View Full Version : Slimserver and XPL

John Gorst
2004-12-16, 11:56
I seem to be having problems experimenting with XPL and the latest 5.4.1
nightly (and ones previous).

Using XPLHAL manager on a local windows machine I can 'listen' to all
the heartbeat and remote remote messages generated by the remote
slimserver located on a separate linux machine.

However using the xplhal send function I can not get the slimserver to
respond to any commands.
message type: command
source: xpl-xplhal.john1
target: slimdev-slimserv.loungepc
schema: audio.basic

(also tried osd.basic)

I have tried renaming the player to something completely numerical to
avoid and problems with cases not being recognised.

Have tried running with the linux xplhub (is this necessary?)

Is there any way I can see if these messages are being recieved by