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2004-12-16, 10:31
What it really takes is market research that tells a company if such a thing
would sell. Even if you know 100 people that say they would buy them, that
does Slim no good if they need to sell 10,000 of these units annually to
make it worth the cost of doing the development.

Market research would tell them what the demand for such an item really is
in the general marketplace. As a comparison, the car radio EMPEG MP3 player
was built solely as a labor of love as the ultimate car mp3 geek toy.

They sold extremely well, until the 10,000 or so geeks who wanted them had
one, then after that they couldn't sell any more, the company basically went
out of business after that.

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I personally know 3 people that would buy this if it were available.
Don't want to mess with getting a xbox modded and the confusing information
out there about getting it all to work. They want a simple solution that
works great. So if I know 3, I'm sure there are a ton of others.

On Thu, 16 Dec 2004 07:59:01 -0700, Jason <jason (AT) pagefamily (DOT) net> wrote:
> Remember that Slim makes zero dollars on their software solution, so
> the only way it makes sense for them to build a video solution is if
> there is a large demand (more than the users represented on this list)
> for a video solution, and if they can build one that is affordable
> enough to compete with the cheap modded X-boxes, etc, that are out on the
> Personally I suspect that this is a tiny niche market (much more so
> than streaming audio players) and they can't justify the development
> of something like this right now.
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> > The current hardware is definately not capable, so there is no
> > software solution.
> Whilst the hardware is not capable I seem to there is a plugin that
> turns a Squeezebox into a video player but it needs some other
> transmission method to take the video to the TV
> http://videobox.sourceforge.net/
> Personally I think a video capable device would sit alongside my
> squeezebox rather than replace it. I don't want to have to turn the
> TV on to browse my music collection. If I do start collecting video
> on my server the likely TV client is a modified XBox running XBoxMedia
> Centre. Cheap and powerful (if a little noisy).
> Otherwise the Haupage MVP is dirt cheap.