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Philip Bouscarle
2004-12-16, 09:56
apart from the fact that most of the wear and tear on the internals of a
PC happens on startup and shutdown... Another reason to leave it

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> I guess my issue is cost. My music server has only one purpose, serve
> music. The fact that its on a power hungry server , and my being a
> first time home owner, i really can't afford to have it running 24/7.
> So I shut it down when I'm not listening to anything.

Has anyone ever figured out how much leaving on a PC for a year (not
with screen). I was under the impression that mine cost me under 25 UK
pounds a year.. or as a comparsion.... less than 10 pints of beer per

Simon Turner
Brighton UK

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> 1. While I don't know the constraints of your setup, I know that I
> (and most people running slimserver) prefer to keep the machine on all

> the time so that we can listen to music whenever we'd like (and for
> many of us that server does a lot of other duties, as well).
> 2. Take a look at this recent thread which discusses this:
> http://lists.slimdevices.com/archives/discuss/2004-December/039876.htm
> l
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> com...
> >
> >
> > I just have a couple wishes for upcoming versions of SlimServer.
> >
> > 1) The ability to remotely shut down the computer/server where my
> music
> > is being streamed from. Saves me running down to the basement to
> > when
> I
> > done listening to music.
> >
> > 1) The ability to browse different drives. Since my music files are
> > split between seven drives, drive 1 is A - B, drive 2 is C - D, etc.
> As
> > far as I can tell now. I have to log into the server and change the
> > location, drive 1, or 2, etc, of where my music files are stored.
> >
> > Thank you for any suggestions.
> >
> > Emile