View Full Version : Get NAS for ST or Replace ST with a DAP (IBosso or Fiio)?

2015-12-20, 00:12
I've have a Touch since they first came out. I have maybe 30 HDTracks albums plus some ripped CDs on a PC and stream them to the Touch via WIFI. The Touch is connected via optical to a DAC and that to my Cambridge integrated amp. I also have a 10-year-old Panasonic jukebox type CD player inputting to the DAC. I've got maybe 100 CDs on the player, but don't use it much since it doesn't retain the CD titles in its memory. I'm looking to rip the CDs to a digital source, but am not sure which way to go.
I'm thinking of one or two things.
1. Keep the Touch and use an ethernet connection to a NAS. The pre-configured Synology BC115j -120 seems to be the easiest solution since the Synology apparently is compatible with LMS.
2. Rip the CDs to a lossless digital audio player and connect that via the optical cable to the DAC or via RCAs directly to the Cambridge. I've been looking at either the IBosso MX80 or Fiio X5 for this.

It seems like the benefits of 1 are that I would then have all the functionality of the Touch interface and not have to keep my PC on while playing. It's also cheaper than 2. It seems the main negative is that the Touch is old and I don't know how long it will continue to work and support seems minimal at best.
It seems like with 2, I would have newer technology and also have a portable player. However, I'm really happy with the Touch and am not sure if the DAP solution would be as good functionally and sonically.