View Full Version : SB3 Random Reboots

2015-12-17, 17:43
I have a 'Classic' Squeezebox 3 that randomly reboots when playing music. Maybe every 10-20 minutes or so. I have replaced the power supply, took out the wireless card (it is connected by ethernet), did a Xilinx chip and factory reset. It doesn't run hot, so I don't think it is overheating... Not sure what else to do. Any other ideas? I love my Squeezebox and would hate to retire it.

2015-12-18, 00:26
Check the power input cable into the SB3. Sometimes the plug gets "loose". Wiggling it will usually show if it is the problem.

2015-12-20, 17:05
Thanks for the tip, but no luck, it passed the wiggle test...

2016-01-11, 12:39
In early 2014, I had the same issue, but instead of 10-20 minutes, my SB3 would reboot after 2-3 minutes into a song. I followed the same troubleshooting steps as you did, and was going to retire it...maybe sell it for parts.

Later that year with my SB3 still sitting around collecting dust, and with nothing to lose, I followed the steps outlined in the following thread even though I didn't think I had lightning damage:


I desoldered and removed the offending chip, replaced it with a $2 voltage regulator, and my SB3 is still working today.