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2004-12-16, 07:59
Remember that Slim makes zero dollars on their software solution, so the
only way it makes sense for them to build a video solution is if there is a
large demand (more than the users represented on this list) for a video
solution, and if they can build one that is affordable enough to compete
with the cheap modded X-boxes, etc, that are out on the market.

Personally I suspect that this is a tiny niche market (much more so than
streaming audio players) and they can't justify the development of something
like this right now.

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On Wed, 15 Dec 2004 09:55:41 -0800, kdf <slim-mail (AT) deane-freeman (DOT) com> wrote:
> The current hardware is definately not capable, so there is no
> software solution.

Whilst the hardware is not capable I seem to there is a plugin that turns a
Squeezebox into a video player but it needs some other transmission method
to take the video to the TV


Personally I think a video capable device would sit alongside my squeezebox
rather than replace it. I don't want to have to turn the TV on to browse my
music collection. If I do start collecting video on my server the likely TV
client is a modified XBox running XBoxMedia Centre. Cheap and powerful (if
a little noisy).

Otherwise the Haupage MVP is dirt cheap.