View Full Version : [ANNOUNCE] VortexBox 2.4 released

2015-12-16, 21:04
It's been a while since we released a new VortexBox but I'm happy say Vortexbox 2.4 is finally ready just in time for Christmas. This release includes a lot of great work from this community and other open source communities. The new features include

- Based on Fedora 23 64-bit. This is the first 64-bit VortexBox
- SqueezeBox Server 7.9.0 the latest release from the squeezebox community
- MinimServer DLNA server
- Drive image based install for super quick installs to hard drives, SSDs, mSATA, etc
- Latest PlexMedia Server to serve files to TVs, Roku, video devices, etc.

and lots of other small updates and tweaks.

Thanks to the community for all your hard work on features, bug fixes, testing, etc!


2017-06-30, 02:10

I am a happy user of a vb 2.3 installation. However one always strives for the better. So I wonder whether it is worth upgrading to vb 2.4. Can anybody tell me what I would gain or loose from an upgrade to vb 2.4.

Thanks for any information on this.


2017-06-30, 05:56
Adrian, I suggest you go and ask over here https://www.vortexbox.org/forum/main-forum/42-future-of-vortexbox-software.

I upgraded all my Vortexboxes to 2.4 but I am an admitted techo.