View Full Version : Harmony Remote Controls and Squeezebox

Dondi Fusco
2004-12-15, 15:12
I have a 768 and it works brilliantly. Also controls
my WinXP Media Ctr Edition flawlessly as well as every
component in my home theatre, my lights, fireplace, my
Air Conditioner etc. Downloads the TV schedule onto
its display... Ive gone from an abyss of remotes to
just one for EVERYTHING. Two thumbs WAAAaaaaaayyy up
for Harmony 768

-- Dondi

--- Larry Truesdale <larrytru (AT) gmail (DOT) com> wrote:

> Hello,
> Does anyone use any of the Harmony remote controls
> with their
> squeezebox? Thw web-based configuration is aware of
> the Squeezebox,
> but that does not neccessarily mean that it works
> well with it. Any
> opinions?
> Thanks,
> Larry
> --
> Larry Truesdale
> Larry (AT) Truesdale (DOT) Name