View Full Version : Monitor Audio airstream A100 amplifier

2015-11-17, 14:35
How to wireless connect a Monitor Audio airstream A100 amplifier to any squeesebox, and use it for extra highspeakers. Is it possible?

2015-11-18, 01:47
Depends..... Which SqueezeBox do you have? What are audio inputs of the airstream?

2015-11-18, 12:20
I have several of them, radio, boom, duet, touch.
Inputs to airstream A100 is also several, http://www.monitoraudio.co.uk/products/airstream/a100-amplifier
My intend is to make SB play music wireless to A100 and then out to wired speakers/sub.

2015-11-18, 12:55
Duet & Touch both have analog L/R and optical outputs to match same on airstream inputs. Just plug those in and you have a speaker (airstream).
Radio & Boom only have headphone outs and they have their own speakers anyway (hence why no analog or digital outs).

2015-11-18, 12:59
I think OP wants to connect SB to the MA wirelessly. The answer to that is you can't connect a device that way but you could connect an iThingy with iPeng & player add in via AirPlay.

Or as it has DLNA support you could try Phillipe's uPnPBridge but don't hold your breath that it will work.

2015-11-20, 11:21
Okey thanks, then I know