View Full Version : iBroadcast plugin - unlimited free storage and streaming of uploaded tunes

2015-11-09, 13:37
I've started using a service called iBroadcast. It offers unlimited free storage of music for streaming to devices, with plans for future premium accounts.
No idea what their eventual business model will be, but I asked about possibilities for a plugin for the Squeezebox server and this was the reply:

"We're always looking for ways to make our service more usable for our users so we'll definitely look at the Squeezebox server. In the meantime it's worth noting that the calls to our server aren't hidden which means that it's already possible for someone from the community or forum to use those to create an app or plugin like the one you're talking about. If we get enough interest from the forum then we could also look at supporting a native app as well."

Note, I don't think their knowledge of LMS is any better than mine!!

So, since Google isn't letting us stream from "play music", maybe this might be a good option?

So, perhaps some enterprising forum genius could look at make a plugin, since they say it's already open? Pleeeeease. :)

Note: I have no affiliation with the company. I just messaged them on their facebook account.