View Full Version : Strange Persistent MYSB Memory in SB3

2015-10-30, 15:29
so i bought an SB3 on ebay. first thing i do is factory reset. then configure. it comes alive. it finds the local LMS and plays everything fine.

but even though the only thing it should know are *my* MYSB credentials, it somehow switches to the previous owner's and remembers it every time i switch the SB3 to mysb.com, even after 3 factory resets... how is it possible?? it never goes to *my* MYSB, which is the only one configured...


2015-10-30, 15:49
The MAC address of the unit is associated with the old account, the previous owner should have released it before selling it on. Either contact the previous owner or contact Logitech support and have them help you with it. You will have to supply the MAC address that should be on a sticker on the bottom of the unit.

2015-10-31, 08:41
thanks, i put in a support case...

2015-10-31, 08:51
thanks, i put in a support case...

In case you get no useful response from support, I think Michael is able to sort out this kind of situations. It's -unfortunately for him- not so uncommon it seems...

BTW, congrats on the "new" SB3 ;)

2015-11-01, 05:37
If you get a knowledgeable Logitech person when you call support they can fix this in about 30 seconds. If they .have no clue what you are talking about, hang up and call again to get someone else.

2015-11-01, 14:00
> it somehow switches to the previous owner's and remembers it every time

If the second or third support agent still wasn't able to help you, then
feel free to send your player's MAC address (can be found on a sticker
at the bottom of the device) to michael št slimdevices dott com.



2015-11-03, 22:37
Truly appreciate the help - it was fixed. While it still saddens and baffles me the concept is abandoned, I truly love the continued expertise and support. It is amazing that even a few years after being officially discontinued this system is still so superior to anything else available in the market - at least when it comes to catering to my needs.