View Full Version : Receiver doesn't play some radio stations but all other squeezeboxes do.

2015-10-26, 13:57
Hi All.
Apologies if I am asking a question that has been answered before.
I have 2 x Boom's, 3 x SB3's and a Receiver connected to LMS on WHS2011. The Boom's and SB3's all play radio stations from my favourites but the Receiver only plays some of them.
I am sure this has been since the BBC feeds were changed but don't understand why the Receiver is treating the feeds differently.
The stations I can't play are through either Tune-in or Radio feeds. The BBC iplayer app works fine so I can listen to all the stations but there are no MW stations on iplayer.
The MW feeds work through Tune-in etc on the other squeezeboxes.
Is there something I need to do on LMS to enable this?
Thanks in Advance