View Full Version : Controller setup: How to skip creating a Squeezebox account?

2015-10-26, 01:39
I needed to factory reset my Controller. After that I reconnected it to my wireless network, and now it won't let me get past the "Squeezebox Account" screen. The only options are "Create Account", "I already have an account" and "Help". There is no "skip" option. The back button doesn't do anything. Even the home button doesn't work, except by holding it in to switch off the SBC. If I power-cycle it, it briefly shows a home screen, then says "connecting to mysqueezebox.com", then returns to the "Squeezebox account" screen. From there it's impossible to go anywhere else. I can't even factory reset it again!

I've never had a mysqueezebox.com account, and don't want one. Last time I set up the controller (many years ago) I was able to skip this step (although I don't recall the exact sequence of screens). Is there some magic set of button presses that will get me past this stage?

2015-10-26, 02:05
What if you press & hold the back key?



2015-10-26, 08:26
What if you press & hold the back key?
Thanks Michael, that worked. Holding the back button returned to the Home screen. I guess the thing that confused me is that when you initially press the back button, it briefly jumps but then comes back, which gives the impression that nothing more is going to happen.

Sorry about the delay in posting my thanks - I had a bit of fun & games getting the SB Receiver reconfigured and thought I might need to ask for more help doing that, but in the end I got it sorted.