View Full Version : ODD... Transporter remote working on Mysqueezebox.com but not LMS?

2015-10-17, 10:52
As above..
been working A-ok up till this evening when the remote didn't change anything on my Transporter's display.
I Xlink reset it "just in case" and I was able to step through the setup menu with the remote.
So the sensor was fine.

Still unresponsive after Xlink reset, so used onboard buttons to change to Mysqueezebox.com, lo and belohld the remote works fine!
Swapping back to LMS though its not responding to the remote.

Using Logitech Media Server Version: 7.9.0 - 1440053825 @ Fri Aug 21 07:17:05 CUT 2015
Was working fine up till now.
restarted LMS with no effect, Xlink reset makes no difference.

Any ideas guys?

2015-10-17, 10:59
How about LMS > Settings > Player Tab > Transporter > Remote?

2015-10-17, 11:14
How about LMS > Settings > Player Tab > Transporter > Remote?

Bingo! :)

No idea why that setting was unticked all of a sudden, but hey ho thats it fixed.
Many thanks.