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2015-10-13, 13:50
Hi yall good people. i need help ... fast..
Background: Running various SB players in our house for 7-8 years via LMS on Windows home server. (present 7.9.0)
2x Duet's, 1x boom, 1x radio 1 gen. Some pc clients with softsqueeze, and latest, some Raspberry Pi's (Picoreplayer)
Controlled via Squeezepad on 4x ipads (ipads also acts as players via squeezepad)

It's been years since i've logged in on mysqueezebox.com with original username (mail address) discontinued at ISP long time ago.
Forgot password and can't naturally not retrieve mail with new one.

i realized long time ago that ex. adding new podcast's ect. would not be possible on the present (original username) account.

And thought that it would take the best of a saturday morning, to create new account on mysquezzebox.com, input all my podcast subscribtions again, setup my programs (wimp, deezer, 3rd ect) input the new account specs on my server,
Hardware reset ALL players and go through the nerdy and sometimes twangy setup procedure again on all of 'em.
this is a job that i have postponed for a while for obvious reasons.

But pulled the thing off last weekend only to discover that every mac address is held hostage on old account (no access) and now stuck with a house with sound system fucked up/players not recognized....
Google revealed that only Logitech can delete/set free the players mac address from the old account/username. "just call Logitech, with list op Mac addresses handy" the happy post's said.
Fair enough. but here in Denmark Logitech seems a bit short on staff relevant, for the specific issue, regarding Discontinued HW, ect.....
I cannot find relevant Logitech persons to call in DK, or any other Country for that matter.
Wrote email in official MO through danish website 7 days ago.
nothing but auto response.

So basically i'm asking if any here know how to resolve this?
And eventually provide a Phone number to relevant Logitech dude/dudette regrding this, world wide, africa, the moon i don't care as long as i reach the right people.
Second best a valid Email regarding the specific issue. (an actually answersing email adresses with the right people)

Or do i have to throw my setup in the bin? And go spend thusands on sonos et al (like it's one user only and then your fucked) it does not make sense.
i'm aware that the HW is discontinued but one assumes that as long as the server side is connected to a working mysqueezebox.com one could expect support that way around...
Phone support = dead link..

TX in Advance..
Sorry if this is not the specific forum for adressing this issue, and if posted twice. Wrote while busy fighting of wife and kids whom not understand why they can't listen to music in their rooms anymore...

2015-10-19, 11:22
People in the US seems to get trough to some support ? Otherwise mherger ( Michael Herger ) on this forum may be of help send him a pm via this forum .

2015-10-19, 11:23
Did you try the official Logitech forum ?