View Full Version : Android Squeezebox app will not select any player

2015-10-12, 11:48
I've re-installed LMS onto my Windows 7 system (after a clean re-install of Windows 7), and I've named my library "Steve's PC", as before.

My player's light turned from blue to dim white, and my Logitech controller loaded all my music data, and works perfectly.

The only glitch is the Android "Squeezebox" app on my Samsung Galaxy S4. The app starts, and asks me to choose the player. The list populates with "Living Room" (the name of my player, currently playing "Snow Cavern Flight" from Mike Oldfield's "Tres Lunas II") but nothing I try allows me to select the player.

I tried re-installing the app, but now it gets as fas as "Free your music" then stalls (it's been like this for about 10 minutes now...).

Any suggestions?

Incidentally, the "Squeeze Commander" app is working fine.

2015-10-12, 14:45
A slight amount of searching reveals that this is a side effect of upgrading to Android 5.* or higher.

It seems to be an incompatibility between the Squeezebox Android app and Android System Webview version 40 and upwards. If you disable Android System Webview then the Squeezebox app starts working. But apparently, disabling Android System Webview is not advisable.

2015-10-12, 16:50
Yep, and it's a known issue and probably not going to get fixed.
Plenty of good 3rd party android Apps out there as an alternative