View Full Version : Players don't always power on/off separately

2015-10-05, 01:28
Hi folks,

I did a search for this and found nothing... but apologies if that's just my poor searching..

I have several players which I occasionally synchronize, occasionally don't. They are all set to "power on/off separately" and have been forever. I've never had them set to power on as a group - but, occasionally I will find that they do ignore this setting and that other players power up simultaneously.

Perhaps linked to this (perhaps not), I'll occasionally come home after work and find that a few of the players have powered up themselves. I'm assuming this is some sort of power surge/power outage causing the Vortexbox and server to reset. This tends to primarily affect the Touch players.

Any guidance at all?



2015-10-05, 04:30
You don't happen to use iPeng and use the main power switch? That one acts on all players in a group (yet the individual power switches for each player don't )

2015-10-05, 06:08
hiya, thanks for your reply.

I don't use ipeng. I either switch the players on/off using the power button (Booms) or remote control (Touch/Classic); or I control them via an ipad and 'squeezetouch'.

The only other thing I can add is that this morning, I turned on a Touch and found that it was connected to mysqueezebox.com. This is also something I never do, preferring to listen to internet radio or my own music via LMS/Vortexbox.

I pointed the player back to 'my music' and the VB, turned it on, and a Boom came on at the same time.

THis doesn't happen all the time, and it's not necessarily anything too concerning at this point. I'm just wondering why it might be happening and if a) there's anything I can do to make it stop or b) does it point to something more serious going wrong?



2017-02-04, 08:56
... just bumping this..

Today, I turned on one of my Touch players, and the music (local content on LMS Vortexbox) very occasionally paused and rebuffered. I figured it was router traffic as my wife was downloading a big phone OS upgrade. But, when I left the room I discovered that all three other Touch players had come on and were playing.

They are in a synched group - but they are all set to 'power on/off separately'.

So I've gone into the settings and for each player, I've toggled between 'power on/off separately' and 'power on/off as a group', hitting 'apply' in between. This is in an attempt to make the setting 'stick'.

Anyone got any further thoughts on this?

I did post elsewhere about the players mysteriously coming on, in an empty house and I think Michael Herger replied to say it was one of those LMS mysteries from the early days??

It's not outside interference or hacking, as I don't have LMS set for external access.

Not a big deal. At least I've got music. Just wondering if I'm missing something that might stop this behaviour?

Many thanks