View Full Version : Squeezebox 3 replacement PSU

2015-09-30, 11:26
So the PSU died on one of my Squeezeboxen. It's a Slim V3 wired-only, pre-Logitech.

Have tracked down a replacement which does the job just fine:


Total cost 5.66 with the VAT, free delivery. (I have a trade account with CPC/Farnell so the free delivery may not be universal.)

This unit is 1000mA rather than the original which was 2000mA, however as this Squeezebox is wired-only it should be more than adequate (the wi-fi card is a big power drain). It's been on for the last couple of hours and it's not getting anything more than slightly warm.

Just thought I'd let people know in case anyone else has the same issue.