View Full Version : Squeezebox v 2 w/ RCA outputs--can I hook this to bluetooth speaker with 3.5mm?

2015-09-22, 13:53
Per the above subject, I wonder if the Squeezebox puts out enough volume to connect to a bluetooth speaker via 3.5mm jack??
This is one of the original ones that has an antenna and a small display. Way before the duet... No built in speaker

I used to have it connected to a FM/Cassette/CD player. I got rid of that...

I would like it to of course have decent enough volume for me to put in bathroom and use the remote to change songs??

Else I could just buy a water resistant BT speaker (with buttons on it and a way to hang it away from water) and put in shower and play songs via phone bluetooth.

Note: I currently do not have a Bluetooth speaker to try this out with.


2015-09-22, 13:58
Your SB will output a standard line out level signal - around 100mV - so yes you can feed a 3.5mm input with it. Turn the volume down on both when you first connect though. Set the speaker volume at a sensible middle level and then do the volume control via the SB. Alternatively set the SB to output 100% and control the volume entirely on the speaker.