View Full Version : Style Jukebox - Upload FLAC music files to their Cloud

2015-09-06, 15:22
I discovered Style Jukebox a few days ago.

It is a system where you can upload your music files to their cloud server, and then use it as a Cloud backup for your music and/or play your music on your mobile device using either WiFi or 3G/4G networks.

The free version allows you to upload MP3 music files totalling 2GB to their servers. You can then play back the music on a Windows Desktop App or via their iOS or Android mobile apps.

Or their paid version allows you to upload FLAC or ALAC music files. For $7.99 per month you get 1Tb of storage.

Seems interesting. This service is a bit like Amazon Music Cloud Player but whereas Amazon Music only allows you to store/play back MP3 files, Style Jukebox allows you to store and playback FLAC files.

I've been trying it out myself and it seems to work quite well. Especially if you have an unlimited mobile data plan.