View Full Version : I ditched Wimp, where to now...?

2015-09-05, 11:41
My Duet, bought in 2008, is still alive and kicking, and I love it. However, for many years now I've been streaming from Wimp through MySB.com, and this is now starting to be unreliable. I don't know if this has anything to do with Wimp turning Tidal, but all too often I cannot play certain tunes, I get strange error messages (the latest new one being "back end server at capacity"), these kinds of things...

So now I've cancelled my Wimp subscription, and now I do not know where else to go. I know that Spotify is not supported on the Duet (it isn't, is it?) through MySB.com, so that is no option. So... what else is there? Any recommendations? Experiences?

I want a streaming service that allows me to stream directly to my Duet, and all of the music in the world would be nice, but I would also be satisfied if it only had most of western pop/rock.