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2015-09-04, 15:37
I was intermittently listening to music today and suddenly my entire SB system failed, and for the first time, I couldn't seem to get it back up. LMS server seemed to be running as usual on the LMS server computer.


1. Unable to open the web interface on the computer running LMS and for that matter on any of the computers on my home network
2. No players or apps can connect. The Booms I have just stall at "Getting an IP address..."
3. No music :(
4. My ambient music stream which I stream from WinAmp could not connect/upload but downloading seemed fine on the server computer

What I did:

1. Rebooted the LMS server laptop
2. Installed the latest beta version of 7.9
3. Rebooted my router (and cable modem for good measure)
4. Unplugged and re-plugged in one of the Booms

I was pretty stumped.

My thoughts:

1. Some sort problem on the LMS server computer (it is connected to the internet still via an Ethernet connection to my router). No software was installed prior to the failure. I have automatic updates turned off. It was almost as if all outbound data was blocked on the LMS server computer.
2. The problem involved both Wi-Fi and ethernet. I could not connect to LMS via an ethernet connected computer. I think this is kind of worthless observations because I couldn't even connect to LMS on the server computer.

System details:

1. LMS 7.9 for Windows with the cache on a ramdisk indexing 281,000+ songs on a multi-hard drive enclosure with 12 TB of storage, connected via USB 3
2. HP Envy i7 notebook with 16 GB RAM running Windows 8
3. Cisco router
4. A bunch of players

The problem resolved itself it seems about 30 minutes later. LMS and all the players connected and started working. My little ambient stream connected to the internet nicely (http://myradiostream.com/24/6610/listen.m3u)

All I can say is WTF and thank god it solved itself because I sure was stumped.

Any ideas?

2015-09-04, 17:06
Perhaps LMS wanted to rescan and your array was blocking all I/Os for some reason, like a partial rebuild ?
If you have a log within in the controller bay I'd look at that.