View Full Version : Problems with a Netgear Pioneer Pro 6 and a Transporter after factory reset

2015-09-04, 15:06
I have a Pioneer pro 6 with 2 Logictech transporters. Everything was working fine until a recent move. I had 2 hds damaged during the move. I had to replace the hds, and do a factory reset. I reinstalled the data, and now I can listen to radio over the Transporters, but when I try to access the server, the Transporter identifies that it is there, but when I try to access it, the transporter shows an "x" beside the server name. Support at Logictech is less than useless. Any ideas?


2015-09-05, 01:59
I don't have a Transporter but I believe the menus are the same as the SB3 & Boom. Try this: press and hold LEFT arrow button on TP remote, should enter Setup menus.
Now scroll completely through these menus once (Up/Down arrows), now find LMS, select it, see if it connects. If LMS is listed twice repeat above and select other LMS.