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Andy Dannelley
2004-12-13, 13:37
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> Andy Dannelley wrote:
>> Some of my difficulties may not be related to signal strength.
>> Yesterday I had my players (Slimp3 and Squeezebox) just quit playing,
>> I could usually recover by either pushing the ->-> (next song) or
>> pause then play. Sometimes it looked like the player would flicker
>> (VFD dark, then back on). My son also uses the same network for
>> Internet games and LAN games with friends... I'm wondering, could
>> there be something that is being sent that is confusing the SLimp3 or
>> Squeezebox? If this is so, it also points to maybe an additional
>> network just for music.
> I have seen this flicker happen because of two reasons. The first is
> when the microwave oven is operated and it disrupts the wireless
> connection and the second when the machine running the server is 100%
> cpu utilization. Is the machine serving the music also used by your
> son
> to play games or any other CPU intensive activity going on?

Yeah, I've seen the microwave problem, and I just realize that I need
to take manual steps after use. Too bad the 2.4 Ghz spectrum is so
broad in usage :(

As for the gaming machine, no, my son uses a WIndows computer for his
gaming. The music server is an iMac G4, dedicated to just music and
the occasional print job. The computer is relatively "un-busy" But it
is a good thought, next time I start experiencing problems I'll check
the usage to see what's happening.

I am thinking that some of my problems sometimes may be more to do
with network busy rather than server busy.

Does anyone know what how much bandwidth is taken up by each music

What wireless access points can someone recommend? I'm looking at ..

Airport Express (only 4 clients, the music server and 3 Slim players)

Do any of these work better (or worse) than others?

I'll be maintaining the network with a Mac with OS X 10.3.x (until 10.4
comes out ;))

Thanks for your response.


2004-12-13, 15:14
Quoting Andy Dannelley <andyda (AT) earthlink (DOT) net>:

> Does anyone know what how much bandwidth is taken up by each music
> stream?

1411 kbps each PCM stream (squeezebox wired default, player
settings->audio->bitrate limiting = no limit )

varies for MP3 streaming depending on the file bitrate and the bitrate limiting
setting in the player settings mentioned above.