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2015-09-01, 20:56
Hi all -

I was a Squeezebox user from the very start. I have love the devices and have a ton of them. Alas, I am going to finally have to put them away and pay attention to family and other stuff :p I have:

2 Boom Radios
4 Logitech Squeezebox's v 3 (two black and two white) the last version before they went to touch
A Duet receiver
3 Duet controllers

All in good shape and I have original packaging, etc for nearly everything. All remotes and the like. Where and how would you all suggest selling them? Where are enthusiasts going for the stuff these days? Do you think ebay still is worth it? Do people do full posts here?

Also, how would you sell? I was thinking of just packaging it all up as one giant home streaming music kit. What do you think it would go for?

Any thoughts would be appreciated. On the off chance anyone is interested, private message me and I will happily send you picks and info, etc. I am going to gather it all up this week.

Again - any thoughts would be helpful.


2015-09-02, 00:37
Many items seem to get sold right here. People will want to know prices, country(s) for shipping, etc.

2015-09-02, 01:09
Also, how would you sell? I was thinking of just packaging it all up as one giant home streaming music kit. What do you think it would go for?
Squeezebox devices are a niche product and anyone likely to buy them will have some already and be looking to add to their system. You're not going to find someone who is in the market for a home streaming setup from scratch who would ever consider them.

Given that, I'd have thought the chances that anyone would want exactly the combination of devices you have seems slim (pardon the pun), so trying to sell them as a package would either be very difficult or you'd need to price the package very low. Probably better to sell them as individual items.

2015-09-02, 02:09
I've never sold anything on Ebay... but I've bought a few SBs there :)
I suppose it is still the place to go, although last time I've checked (curiosity only) prices and availability were horrendous.

I agree selling the lot probably won't maximize the revenue you can make out of the items. I would suggest posting all 10 items at the same time, with reserve price:
- reserve price will limit the effect of people hedging their bids over various examples of the same item, say the 4 SB classics
- posting many items at once adds some credibility to your offering, I believe
- buyers might want to buy 2 or 3 items at once and optimize shipping costs this way.

I think all the examples I bought were sold outside France (USA, UK). If you were to offer international shipping (on a plan that does include customs clearance fees) I expect you'd make some potential buyers happy. I've had to ask out-of-process almost every time (with varied success, whatever the reason.)

Of course I would suggest good photos including the boxes. As time passes there are some shoddy looking offers on ebay.

2015-09-02, 02:42
Where are you selling from (country)?

2015-09-02, 04:27
I'd try to sell here first. I'd (1) note your country and whether you are willing to ship outside your country (2) list a price and description for each item (like new, scuffed, etc.)*, not including shipping, and (3) note that you're willing to discount for anyone that buys multiple items.

*For the Boom this is particularly important. Does yours have the "sticky" control panel issue. What about the speaker surrounds breaking issue?

Also, whatever you do, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE login to mysqueezebox.com before you ship them and REMOVE them from your account, including the CONTROLLERS. I feel sorry for the purchasers of used SBs that are still registered to another account. They can't locate the seller (or seller has no clue as to their old mysb.com acccout), and when they contact Logitech they often find clueless support that don't understand the issue so it can take lots of effort to get the mysb.com account transferred.

2015-09-02, 07:14
I also am looking to sell a Squeezebox Duet and Squeezebox Radio. Both are LIKE NEW condition with original packaging, manuals, remotes, etc.

Looking to get $300 for the pair, or best offer.

I live in Columbus, OH

- Jason

2015-09-02, 08:47
If someone wants to sell his slim/squeezedevice(s)

Please remove them from your mysqueezebox Account before shipping