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Jeremy Aston
2004-12-13, 12:04
Hi Iain,

If he has a wired network then an audio balun could be the answer. I
have to admit I've not tried it with a record deck but I think in
principle it would work. You use the balun to convert the signal so
you can send it down your cat5 cable and then have another balun at the
other end to plug it into an amp. If you have an amp for your squeeze
box then you could simply bring the deck feed in as another source on
the amp. I am not sure if you would need a separate phone stage before
the sending balun either. If you are in the UK then Madnat.com does
baluns and might have more advice for you, otherwise a google search
for "audio baluns" would be a good start. I have to be honest again as
this is not something I have tried and perhaps someone else has some
better knowledge that would confirm if I am on the right lines or if I
have got my top and bottom ends mixed up when speaking!

Another option would be a whole house a/v system such as the Xantech
MRC44 or MRC88 but this does require running speaker and composite
cable (for video) everywhere - not so practical in a retro fit



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> This feels dumb to me even as I type it but I remember feeling the
> same when I asked about digital radio.....so here goes
> I want to able to distribute audio for a friend. He's got the usual
> CD and MP3 collection and also still listens to a lot of records.
> Does anyone have any suggestions on any kind of setup that might allow
> a record player be integrated into a network of streaming devices.
> apologies if this has been asked before.