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2004-12-13, 07:40
You need to enter in the IP address of the machine that is running the
slimserver software, not the wireless box that handles the network. If you
go into the player settings from the infrared remote of the squeezebox you
can find the squeeze's IP address. From the machine with the server
software running you can issue the command "ping" followed by the IP address
that the squeezebox has gotten on your network. If the pings work (come
back with replies and the display of the SB might indicate it is being
pinged too) then you know that you at least have the basic network
connectivity working properly.


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Dear all,

I hope this message goes through, as I'm new to this forum and to the
(currently frustrating) World of Squeezebox! I recently ordered a wireless
SB and had it delivered flawlessly to my home in Switzerland within 3 days.
Reason I bought it was because I wanted to have access to my iTunes music
library through my Harman Kardon Soundsticks II from the comfort of my
living room without having to constantly go back to my Mc to change the

Now, I'm a total amateur when it gets to technology, so please bear with me
on this one. I thought that I could plug in the SB, download the Slimserver
in the Mac (all that gives me is a window asking to choose start up
options), and wireless connect SB through my Airport Express to iTunes ….
and listen to my music. The result? SB seems to pick up my network, then
tells me it can't find the server automatically and asks for an IP address.
Not sure which IP address to put in at this stage. If I put in the server's
IP address (Airport Express?), it then indicates that setup is complete, but
ends up telling me that it "lost connection with the server", after which it
switches off. When I turn it on again, same story … no connection with

Have no clue as what to do here. And perhaps a stupid question: do I have to
have internet connection to make this work, even if I have a wireless
network through Airport Express?

I really hope somebody can help me out here, because this is totally
frustrating, particularly if you have no clue of technical issue like me!

Many thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!!¨