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2004-12-13, 07:27
Why are you convinced that you need repeaters? They are rarely necessary in
home sized wireless networks. What is the total distance going to be
between the wireless base station and the furthest wireless client?

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I'm still fighting with my wireless network. I've come to the conclusion
that maybe I should install a second wireless network just for music!

I have a couple of questions, and am in need of a good resource to do some

I think part of my problem may be related to signal strength, so maybe I
need to have a network with more repeaters. My network is currently an
AIrport Extreme network with mixed G and B wireless cards in different
computers. I have a basestation nad a repeater.

I'm thinking I can just put up another network, and and only allow my
Slimp3 and Squeezeboxes to access it, and maybe use two repeaters to get
additional signal strength.

Some of my questions are:

1. How much BW will I eat up in having one base and two repeaters? (it will
be at B speeds since the players are all B devices) 2. How much BW does each
stream take for each Slimp3 and Squeezebox?

If I can find answers to those questions, maybe I can design a network with
enough signal strength to get the signal to the players and not have

What wireless router/access points would be good to use?

Airport Express?

Obviously I want the most "bang for the buck" but I also want easy
configuration and maintenance. Right now the Airport Express is easy to
manage for me with my Mac (I have an all Mac network except for one Windows
used by my son for gaming). So good Mac support is important to me.