View Full Version : Radio no sound with Rhapsody on MySB, works on LMS. Expected?

2015-08-22, 15:13
My Radio works fine with Rhapsody at home with LMS, but now I took it on vacation expecting it would work on MySquuezebox.com. It looks like it is working, shows playback progress, but no sound comes out.
One time after I powered it on it worked and played one playlist but was silent after that.
Any ideas for how I can get it working here?

2015-08-22, 15:31
The wifi here has a splash screen on a browser when you first connect if that makes a difference.

2015-08-23, 03:03
If the splash screen requires input of any kind it won't work. Radio has no web browser.
Only other option is to connect to WiFi with your laptop then connect Radio to your laptop (ICS: Internet Connection Sharing).