View Full Version : Uyesee SoundMate M2 as the new squeezebox?

2015-08-20, 12:56
I was browsing around the web and I came across the Uyesee SoundMate M2. Amazon sells it under a slightly different name for $44. http://www.amazon.com/Soundmate-Streaming-Receiver-streaming-Lossless/dp/B00U7A1IY0

Its plays FLAC, uses DLNA and can stream directly from a phone or a network. It uses a Wolfram DAC so the sound should be good. They have a video showing it streaming multi-room audio. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0pd3xUZeuU

Seems like it would be able to be used like a squeezebox, with a DLNA server, a smartphone as the controller and this as the renderer. Would probably be tricky to set up, you would need to try out a lot of program to get the right combination to work together.

I have not tried it, but it seems like it would be worth a test to see how it performs. Can't beat it for the price,


2015-08-20, 14:08
I spent a considerable period of time in the past looking for sensible control options a la Squeezebox to work with UPnP/DLNA and found diddly squat. They are all clunky and flawed in various ways.
Today (all day) as it happens I have been experimenting with a DLNA compatible device - Onkyo CR-N755 and Phillipe's UPnPBridge LMS Plugin. It will make the Onkyo into a SB player and allow sensible control with iPeng etc but there are caveats. Every DLNA device is different as there isn't a proper standard. Devices are DLNA certified, compatible or compliant - who knows what they all mean.
So to answer your question. Possibly but a Raspberry Pi with DAC is a better fit but as with all things Squeezebox you need knowledge to set up and run a Pi. You don't need knowledge to plugin a DLNA player but you won't necessarily like the network playback experience it gives out of the box. Phillipe's UPnPBridge will get you the better control experience but with caveats.