View Full Version : Gosh I was just about to spring for a watch...

2015-08-19, 09:13
do watches still have springs?



2015-08-20, 15:04
A mate bought into it. Stupidly.
We drove to the south of France and his iPhone was constantly freezing as it tried to play music from the cloud. There didn't seem to be any easy way of saying local only. We resorted to my old iPod touch in airplane mode.
Apple Music - like a few others - seems shite to me.

2015-08-21, 07:58
seems about as a good idea... I honestly haven't tried it but it doesn't seem any better than Spotify.

I like my ipod touch which I really only bought for iPeng, but it is a nice media player. I bought the fifth generation just a month before the sixth came out. Oh well I hope they keep the sixth around for a while...

2015-08-21, 10:00

like windows 10 & the NSA...