View Full Version : Uncompressed audio dropouts with *wired*squeezebox(routerrelated?)

Richard Scales
2004-12-12, 23:54
Never had a dropout - ever - not once - no way - Slimp3 x 2 and SB (wireless
x 1) - Since 5.4 I get dropouts on SLimp3 and SB at roughly the same level
you do and I only stream MP3 - I can force a re-scab which does not cause
dropouts - just normal playing - I will try and watch buffer levels more.

I am running Slimserver on a Dual PIII 700Mhz box, Win2K and 1GB RAM, 40K
songs. The same box also runs my mail and ftp servers - same problem exists
if I disable both of these.

Any pointers would be gratefully received - would love to have it all sorted
for the holidays.

Kind regards

Richard Scales

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*wired*squeezebox(router related?)

> Also, playing FLAC and also wired. Using 5.4.

Personally... in my limited experience, the dropouts I'm getting now is a
direct result of upgrading to 5.4. Not a scientific study but before I was
getting them once every day or two... now it's like once an hour.