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2015-08-13, 02:07
Hi all

Following a possible power surge over the weekend I have had a few problems with my much loved SB3. First of all there was a problem with the display and network connectivity (cable) - nothing showing at all but the device was taking some power as there was red light from the optical port. I followed some advice elsewhere in the forum and bought a replacement power supply - this fixed the network and display problem but my SB3 is still not back to normal.

The server can see the device and I can control it using the superb Orange Squeeze Android application and the supplied remote - I can select tracks and set them to play but no signal reaches my amp and the VU meter display on the SB3 shows no audio activity. I can pause and restart the track, adjust the volume and do everything but actually hear the music.

The SB3 is connected to the amp using the optical port - I haven't tried switching to the analogue out yet as I figured that I should still see VU activity no matter what output was in use. Is that correct?

Anyone have any ideas? I plan on sticking with Squeezebox and will either buy something from Ebay or try a Raspberry Pi build if my SB3 is dead... But it's given me years of faithful service and I don't want to give up on it.

Appreciate any input.

2015-08-13, 04:24
try the xilink reset (audio chip) described in the wiki

2015-08-13, 09:39
try the xilink reset (audio chip) described in the wiki

Superb! Many, many thanks.