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Simon Turner
2004-12-12, 07:49
I assume you are using Windows?
If so make a folder and place shortcuts to the disks holding your music.
You'll have to map the disks and use UNC paths (i.e.
"\\ModelCitizen\120_Filez\My_Audio_Books"... where my networked computer is
called LIVID). You'll also have to ensure that the service (assuming you are
using Slimserver as a Windows service) runs under an account that has access
to your network drives, as the install gives it a bog-standard local
account. I just use the account I log on to the machine as... which is as an
administrator.... not ideal or very secure, but it works and nothing else i
tried did.

Also bear in mind that whenever you upgrade your version of Slimserver the
service will again be set to use a local account... so you'll have to set it
back to the network access account every time you upgrade (very annoying).

I'm very surprised this is not in the faq yet as it's been answered so many
times on this group. Did you look in the faq?

Simon Turner
Brighton UK

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I have searched in GMane for information about music folders but have not
found any solution.

I have today three different disks (with music) in three different
computers in my network.

They contain 80 + 40 + 30 Gb.

For the moment I have a direction to computer1 e:\music with 80 Gb.

My question is how can I use all three disks at the same time?

Is there a way to show Slimserver where to find these three?

Kind Regards