View Full Version : iPad app doesn't see new "New Music"

2015-07-21, 20:09
Interesting. I have a rather large collection (Total Tracks: 36,508 Total Albums: 3,627). As I got some new stuff over the last 2 weeks, the iPad which I use as a a remote has stopped seeing the new albums - it's stuck in the past. The web app does see them no problem. The android app on my Samsung S6 doesn't seem to work anymore -I tried to check if it behaves like the Ipad Air), but that's a different subject.

2015-07-21, 20:33
Which App?

2015-07-21, 20:49
standard "logitech squeezebox controller" app from app store.

2015-07-21, 20:51
ok. complete rescan from scratch fixed it.

now i have to figure out why the android app on the S6 edge doesn't open....

2015-07-21, 20:53
Yea, I think with some server versions that's the only thing that triggers a database refresh for the Logi App

2015-07-21, 20:54
Oh, and the Logi App doesn't work on Android 5, you'll have to get a 3rd party one for that.
It doesn't work with the Chromium browser engine.