View Full Version : Squeezebox Duet - Cannot Find Player Since Router Replaced

2015-07-21, 14:15
I have it fixed now. I restored the duet and controller to factory settings and that fixed everything.
It took a few times to restore the duet but all is good again.

I had my wireless router replaced today. When I boot up the duet it does not go past the yellow.
I entered my new wifi setting in the controller and it's connected to the network but the icon in bottom right hand corner stays red.
The remote passes the network health test.
Now it says the current player is the squeezebox receiver and player type is remote.
The logitech firmware version on the remote is 7.7.3.r16662
Hardware version shows 0
Logitech Media Server Version: 7.7.5
ping ok
TCP Port 3463 ok
TCP Port 9000 ok
mysqueezebox.com registered
Logitech media server not connected
Library name not connected
Ping not connected
TCP 3436 not connected
TCP 9000 not connected
I'm running windows 7. I'm actually using the same wifi network with this new router. I have duet downstairs and it uses the wifi from and extender that hasn't changed.
Also the computer running the server under settings shows
Server IP
Port 3483 (slim proto) ok
Port 9000 (HTTP) ok
Port 9090 (CLI) ok
I did try running it directly off the wifi from the router too and nothing is different.
If you have any suggestions or need additional information please let me know. It does not see the duet on the computer where I have the server running.